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Toxic Triggers, Pt 8: Su-Su-Subaru

Note: This is Part 8 of an 11-part series of short posts on what triggers memories of ex-lover B., culminating on October 11, 2014, the First Anniversary of when he kissed me goodbye. Literally. His kiss was a kiss-off. I have not seen him since.

TRIGGER #8: Subaru Outback

White Subaru Outbacks. The trigger that gets me the most these days. I never even noticed these rides until B., in a rather chatty email last October — not coincidentally, the one he used to break up with me, his very last substantive email to me — told me he’d bought a white one. Traded in the Lexus SUV for one of these rice rockets:

Q: What millionaire trades in his Lexus for a Subaru? A: A cheap one.

Q: What millionaire trades in his Lexus for a Subaru? A: A cheap one.

His email went on and on about the ride and the performance and the different models and…yadda, yadda, yadda. Somewhere in there he hid 10 little words that told me it was over: “I have been mixing it up with a beach gal.” And he kept writing as though a nuclear bomb hadn’t just gone off.

 Now that’s all I see on the road, these damned white Subaru Outbacks. Haunting and taunting me.


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Exit 4A

A former mistress (26 years, on-and-off) describes the good, the bad, and the ugly of her long-term affair. Conclusion: Affairs aren't necessarily destructive if kept in the correct perspective. Our experience enhanced BOTH our marriages.

That is, until his marriage ended and we began to love each other. When the affair morphed into a relationship, well, that's when it stopped being fun for me. We have now irrevocably split.

Lately I've been writing about the man who took his place in the "off" years of that 26-year-long affair. He was a dynamic sexual partner but we, too, now have irrevocably split.

These are our stories.

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