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The SCRAM Jam…or, The Banded (Jail)Bird

SCRAM on beerThere are over 1 million DUI arrests made in the United States annually. SCRAM monitoring devices — SCRAM stands for Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring — are generally ordered by courts to be placed around a defendant’s ankle to assess whether or not that person drinks in violation of a court order. Usually this system is reserved for high-risk, hardcore DUI and alcohol offenders.


SCRAM works by detecting the presence of alcohol in sweat, and because it monitors the wearer 24/7 and (on average) every 30 minutes, it is much more effective than randomly-administered breath and blood alcohol tests. SCRAM has been used in the legal system since the late 1990s and is backed up by tons of credible scientific research.

In 2014 Kooky Girl was found guilty of 3rd degree aggravated DUI (her third DUI) and, after spending some time in the pokey, was ordered to wear a SCRAM device for 6 months. She was 50 years old.

Think on that for a minute. What is it like to lose your freedom? To be thrown behind bars? To go through the embarrassment of being hauled away (intoxicated)? To be slapped with a SCRAM device that, admittedly, doesn’t particularly look fetching when paired with heels:

SCRAM in heels

Worse, you have to pay to wear the thing and for its continuous monitoring. It’s almost like “renting” it. And all those fees are on top of whatever court costs you owe for the DUI infraction. And bail.

I WANT TO MAKE AN IMPORTANT POINT:  I hope she got professional help. Banding a bird like her and setting it “free” without counseling seems futile. This woman is a known recidivist (definition: a convicted criminal who repeats the same crime over and over again). She got her license suspended for this particular infraction yet was caught years later for driving while revoked. When does one learn his/her lesson, to straighten up and fly right?

Or is it merely a character flaw that can never be rehabilitated?

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