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“Oops…I Did It Again”

(Title is one of Britney Spears’ big hits. Gag. I just quoted Britney Spears.)

Yes, folks, Kooky Girl got involved in another DUI. But, nope, she wasn’t the soused driver this time: on April 28 she made a wide turn into the far lane of a busy local street and got plowed by a drunk driver. She — with 3 DUIs and 2 convictions for driving while license suspended — got nailed by a drunk guy who should never have been anywhere near a car that evening. Her Lexus SUV was totaled. That’s the second luxury SUV she’s totaled in 12 months. The second! I know the first was titled to Boy Toy; maybe the Lexus was, too.

He must be loving living in Hell.


She suffered a head wound but refused treatment at the scene. Later in the evening, she sought medical attention at an emergency room. I wonder if she’d been drinking, too, and didn’t want anyone to get close to her? It’s just a theory.


So she was cited by the cops for “Unsafe Movement of a Parked Vehicle” (an odd one) and got a court date: yesterday. With Boy Toy in tow, they arrived in traffic court and the witness was the drunk driver….only he didn’t show up. Her charges had to be dismissed for wont of prosecution. Once again, the jail bird was free. She and Boy Toy walked back to an old Ford Taurus wagon and left the scene. What a step-down from the luxury SUVs Miss Silver-Spoon-In-Mouth must be used to:


I wasn’t there. Someone else took this vid clip and gave it to me. Worst thing about this is they left her dog in a hot car while they were in court. And they profess to be animal lovers! What kind of sick people leave a dog in a car on a very hot day?

Here’s a little advice, my dear: DON’T show up to court in jeans and flip-flops. And tell the Boy Toy to leave the shorts back at the beach house. Geez. You know, RESPECT??? Foreign to you both, eh?

And as for “What Not To Wear,” YES!  Those jeans make your ass look even wider:

(Well, somebody had to tell you.)

Here’s my real point: people with multiple (and I mean more than a dozen) traffic infractions — especially multiple DUIs — should never be allowed to own a driver’s license, PERIOD. We’ve talked about this on this blog previously.  It is dangerous and unwise to put a person like this back on the road.

I, for one, am steering (ha) well clear of Ford Taurus wagons. Happy (and safe) Summer, y’all! DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!


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