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Oops…I Did It Again (Part Two)


Yes, Kooky Girl did it again. COMMITTED HER FOURTH DUI. This time she was arrested in Casco Township, Allegan County, Michigan last October when (I suppose) she was still living with Boy Toy. She admitted to the arresting officer to drinking vodka (I know that to be her preferred substance) with a BAC of .27 according to court records. (State law is .08 BAC). She was arrested and spent the night in jail until she posted a $500 cash bond (I’m betting Boy Toy paid that bond again, not the first time he’s bonded her out of jail). Looks like she was also fitted with a SCRAM bracelet again, as readers know, not her first time wearing this piece of jewelry:

SCRAM in heels

On May 20th she appeared in court and entered the Michigan Department of Corrections criminal system as  MDOC # REDACTED…although it’s public information, I’ll decline to divulge it here. What a mugshot, looking much, much older than her 56 years. Alcohol abuse can do that to you:


She was smacked for 330 days in jail but — get this — 300 days suspended “to be served upon violation of her 2-year probation.” So her sentence was actually a little less than 30 days in the pokey, 480 hours of community service, and $438 in court costs and fees.

But the list of the judge’s proscriptions on what she can and cannot do reads like he threw the book at her:

As I’ve said before, this is a dangerous woman without regard for the rule of law.  A criminal. A FELON. Did Boy Toy visit his sweetheart while she was away? He once told me he’d leave her if she ever drove drunk again. He’s so desperate for love and attention, and can’t stand to live by himself, PLUS he thinks he can “save her,” that he probably stays with her. I pity him, but I’m mad at her.

So mad, in fact, I let law enforcement in Michigan, Illinois, and Florida (where she used to live) know that she lives under an alias, and to be aware that if she does get pulled over again to run BOTH her names so they’ll get an accurate picture of her long rap sheet. I contacted my local police department to be on the lookout for her. I connected with several anti-drunk driving groups, including MADD, in various states asking how a person with FOUR DUIs (including one aggravated DUI, which is the most egregious) can ever be allowed to drive again? I am working to ensure the roads are safe from this woman. It is my right (maybe my duty) as a citizen. She is a habitual offender, and (it seems) no amount of jail time (she spent Christmas Day 2014 in our county’s jail for her 3rd DUI) is a deterrent.

She is dangerous and we all need protection from drunk drivers like Kooky Girl, and enablers like Boy Toy.


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