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“Are we there yet?“

We ask that question on long car trips. As children, the journey seems endless. But getting off at an exit ramp — you know that feeling of centrifugal force against your body as the car leans up and around a loop off a highway? — spurns hope that the destination has finally been reached. “Are we there yet?” “Yes, we are almost there,” comes the reply.

The exit can signal the end of a trip…or the beginning of one. There are on and off ramps on every highway.

There are on and off ramps in every relationship.

My affair with B. spanned 26 years. On and off. On and off. The cloverleaf loops on a highway. The force of anticipation as we made dates for our assignations, just like spinning up onto a highway exit ramp. Then, later, the slight feeling of falling, sliding, as we parted ways. Exits and entrances, multiple times, many years. Some of those trips were short, some long.

But at the end of this journey I learned: I loved the affair but not the man I had it with.

Relive the journey with me.

4 replies

    1. Yeah, the cad who used to be my long-time lover moved from Chicago’s northern suburbs to Three Oaks, MI, into the former weekend home he bought with his soon-to-be-ex-wife. He and I shared many happy day trips and extended weekends there. Now, without me OR wife, he’s just a boring old man in the woods.

      1. I don’t ever want to be a boring old man in the woods… I think I will avoid that.

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